Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the OZ

Hello mates!! Before we went home for a week break at the end of August, ms. Dil had let us watch another movie in the class (yeay!!)..the movie is called "Australia", sets out during a year before the World War 2 (WWII) hits Australia. Instead of us writing the review of the movie, Miss Dilani had changed the task to write one of the characters in the movie.
For this i would like to elaborate on the leading female character, Lady Sarah Ashley. The word 'lady' had already describes her background as an ariscotcrate Englishman who lives in London. She has a beautiful fair and soft skin, cute and short blonde hair and always wears fine clothes. At the start of the film, she was left alone by his husband in England as her husband, manages a cattle station in Faraway Downs, Australia. Afraid that he may flirt someone else there, she is determine to go there and force her husband to sell the station and back to England. But her plan was suddenly ruined when she found out that her husband was murdered.
As from the point there, we can see that she is responsible women and tough when she inherited the cattle station from her late husband. The station is managed by Mr. Flecther, who is said to be loyal to Sir Ashley. But all that seems to be nonsense when Sarah Ashley met Nullah, a half-aboriginal boy who said that Mr. Flecther as a ‘lie’. Angry with the accusation made by the little boy, Fletcher tried to scold him for opening his mouth. Then Sarah Ashley makes a bold decision to sack Mr. Flecther as the manager of the station. Soon they found out that was untrustworthy at all as he actually works for King Carney and tried to push the cattle into the King Carney’s territorial land. Now, she had a load of burden on her shoulders with no experience or knowledge about the farm or droving before. After that, she seeks help from a drover, together with his assistant, Magarray. Another critical decision that she had made is when she decided to use the Never Never Land to drove the cattle to Darwin, as time is running out if using the normal route which takes a longer time. But the critical part that is the Never Never Land is rarely been used by people as the hot desert does not have any lake for a quite long journey, and those who uses it may end up dead when they lost in desert. But, she also manages to skip past this obstacle with the help of King George, Nullah’s Grandfather who is also a magicman. He knows all the land there and uses song to find the way out safely from the Never Never Land.
Another value that is seen inside her is a devoted and caring person. As the story moves on, the relationship between Lady Ashley and Nullah grows stronger. She met him the first time when he sing to her during the night, although he is a half-aboriginal child, it does not seem to be a problem to her to care about him. The relationship takes another step further when Nullah’s mother was drowned in the water tank. Since that she become more and more devoted to him, as she is Nullah’ mother. It seems so perfect until Nullah was forced to be sent to mission island. Lady Sarah sacrifices Faraway downs to get back him. However, her good intention seems to pay its price when Nullah is slowly lost his aboriginal touch within him. He is no longer ‘invincible’ to dangers and loses his special ability. Later, she accepted the facts that if she loves Nullah so much, she has to let go of him so he can made his own choices and let him follow King George to go walkabout.
All in all, it is an enjoyable movie overall with a touch romance between Lady Sarah and the Drover in a movie filled with intense struggle of power in the ow industry in Australia. From the scale 1 to 10, I can give 7 for the nail-biting climax.

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